The Team


Jenny Giuffré

Jenny Giuffré is Jersey-born comedian based in Brooklyn. She received her training primarily at the Upright Citizens Brigade. In addition to sketch comedy, she also performs long-form improvisation regularly around NYC. Once she briefly met Marc Maron and he told her “you don’t look like you do comedy”.  She is also a Yoga Alliance certified Hatha, Vinyasa, Children’s and Therapeutic yoga instructor, who used to be vegan and still carries the guilt. 


Joe Campbell

Joe Campbell is the tall one in the group. He's originally from Detroit and went to school in Indiana. You may recognize from when he worked at Blockbuster, American Eagle, Kroger, NYHRC, The Smith, The Late Show with David Letterman, assorted PA gigs, Innovative Artists, ABC beer co, or Watson Adventures. He currently lives in Brooklyn and drinks lots of beer. You can find his work/assorted photos on or instagram @joesoup.


Kate Agustin

Kate Agustin is a Manhattan based actor and writer who grew up primarily in Seattle with brief childhood stints in California and Ohio. Kate is a classically trained ballet dancer as well as a student of the "shove a rifle up your asshole and call it art" school of modern dance. Kate does live storytelling and has been a featured performer at the Moth GrandSLAM, Mara Wilson's "What Are You Afraid Of?", and Spent Live! With Lindsay Goldwert. Neil deGrasse Tyson saw her dancing at a party once and told her she has "nice body moves". Follow her on on YouTube and her instagram @katedoeswhat .


Kevin Delano

Kevin Delano is an actor and comedian from a small town in upstate New York. He has performed across multiple stages across New York City in the veins of improv and sketch comedy, as well as off off broadway theatre. At this point in his life, several of the friends who have talked about making a webseries have now actually done it, so he's in a few of those as well. Kevin can also swing a hammer, drive a van, play the guitar, do a British accent, walk on his hands, and bartend both professionally and for pleasure. Since joining OK Meatplace, Kevin has had to purchase several props and costumes and is starting to need larger storage in his apartment for things like cat masks and grim reaper scythes. 

Kevin Delano Headshot.JPG

Sarah Miles

Sarah Miles is the self-proclaimed snazzy grandma of the group. She's always in bed by 9pm, loves sparkly things and spends the majority of her time with her dog, Grover. Crowning achievements: starred as a dead body in the opening credits of a Dustin Hoffman movie, was once told by Harvey Keitel she had real talent and she is a lifetime member of The Actors Studio.


TD Sidell

 TD Sidell's writing has appeared on the web for the Boston Phoenix, the Tardy Eagle, and The Classical and he's performed with many defunct live comedy groups, including the Union Square Roundtable. He grew up in Seattle, lived in Boston for many years despite not going to college there, and currently resides in Queens. Besides writing and performing with OK Meatplace, he makes ceramics, cooks for pleasure and comedy, and wishes a football player a happy birthday every day via his instagram @footballzzz. All of his bs can be seen at his website

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